Rank: 3

2018 F&B sales: $99.4M

Total enrollment: 30,593

Location: Amherst, Mass.


UMass Dining has been working on ways to fight food insecurity as well. In September, it introduced an initiative through which students who are having trouble paying for food can get three days’ worth of free meals loaded onto their meal card. The school also rolled out two lower-priced meal plan options and began offering $5 meals at campus stores.

In an effort to celebrate local partnerships, the dining team recently welcomed farmers to a private dinner that highlighted the fresh ingredients used in the foodservice department. UMass Dining has transformed itself into a leading model for sustainability through regional procurement, establishing relationships with more than 100 local farms and spending $2.4 million annually with Massachusetts farmers and vendors.


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Source: Data courtesy of Technomic. All sales figures are estimates.