Effective strategies for managing staff, hiring, training, retention and more.

How labor woes may impact the future of college dining

The National Association of College and Universities Foodservices’ 2030 and Beyond report identified labor as a challenge for the industry moving forward. Here’s a look at what else the report revealed as it pertains to labor.


What student foodservice employees want from their employers

The National Association of College and University Food Services’ College Dining 2030 and Beyond report took a deep dive into what student employees look for from their employers. Here’s some key takeaways.

Chef and Assistant Nutrition Director Richie Wilim drew on his restaurant background to create the course, which will instruct participants on how to master skills like menu planning and mise en place.

Leveraging the strengths of university, school and hospital dining programs to get the best people for the jobs.

Cura Hospitality rolls out an enhanced waitstaff training program aimed at improving resident experience.

Three graduating students from The Ohio State University’s Hospitality Management Program shared what they look for in a job during a panel at this year’s MenuDirections conference.

Remote employees report snacking twice as often as those going into a workplace, according to a recent survey.

No one likes unexpected costs, Advice Guy says, but this one is modest and important.

It can be tough to predict how someone will perform on the job from an interview, Advice Guy says, but the more practical your questions are, the better.

Making a bad hiring decision doesn't get you out of paying for training, Advice Guy says.

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