FSD Culinary Council

Culinary Council helps identify on-trend menu ideas and operational strategies.
FSD Culinary Council

FSD’s Culinary Council tries new dining venue at University of Michigan

Attendees of the recent Culinary Council Summit took their meals on campus.

FSD Culinary Council

An inside look at FSD's second annual Culinary Council Summit

The three-day experience offered 12 chefs a multitude of menu ideas and learning experiences. 

Chefs get educated on the versatility of avocados at FSD’s Culinary Council Summit.

Three teams of chefs plus a market basket of ingredients equaled dozens of new recipes.

Chef Njathi Kabui embraces activism to spur change.

How a big university and a big company are moving to reduce their carbon footprint.

What direction is snacking taking at your operation?

Here’s how three members of FSD’s Chefs’ Council kept their cool in the heat of the moment.

Help FoodService Director by sharing which of your dishes from the past year have become the biggest hits with diners.

Which restaurant menu trends do you think would be the most practical for noncommercial foodservice?

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