Insights on reducing waste, conserving resources and more.



ISS is on track to cut food waste in half by 2027

The foodservice provider's waste-reduction strategy involves optimized food procurement, planned out menus and a focus on changing consumer behaviors.


Brigham and Women’s wants to draw diners to what’s healthy

Its two hospital campuses have made changes to highlight their focus on nutrition, inclusion and the environment.

The hospital system's culinary and clinical nutrition teams aim to make the healthy choice the easy choice, to benefit both diners and the environment.

The university’s dining halls recently became some of the first foodservice operations in North America to be certified by The Pledge on Food Waste.

Stouffer works to reduce waste at the K-12 school from the moment ingredients arrive.

Schools in Eau Claire County in Wisconsin can receive up to $1,000 in grant funding to help them operate their own food waste program.

The association seeks to reduce carbon emissions and waste in the aviation industry.

The California city has petitioned a federal court to have more judges consider a ban that three justices have already ruled against.

The healthcare system plans to cut its carbon emissions in half by 2023 and achieve net-zero by 2050.

The university has committed to offering 50% plant-based entrees by 2025.

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