A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Recipe report: Grab-and-go lunches

As summer comes to an end, the lunch rush begins in schools, colleges, corporate cafes and fast casuals. Food to go has become routine for many of these customers, but to freshen things up, add one of these five recipes to the mix.


Pumpkin spice season kicks off earlier every year

Companies like 7-Eleven and Jamba are getting a jump on fall by introducing their products with the iconic flavor earlier than ever. Why the rush?

Unidine hosts a national Puree with Purpose competition to raise the bar on this menu category.

Student feedback and other factors have led to the expansion of plant-based menu offerings.

Health, money, animal welfare and more are pushing consumers to eat more produce and less meat, a recent survey finds.

Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis started Cousins Maine Lobster with one food truck. A decade later, they claim close to 50 locations and the honor of being one of Shark Tank’s most successful ventures.

Global flavors are trending in restaurants, and for K-12 foodservice, the push to expand the menu to include some of these flavors is big.

Tomatoes, peaches and berries are in abundant supply this time of year and ready to freshen up the menu. These five recipes showcase the best of summer’s bounty.

The lineup, created by Michigan Stadium’s executive chef, Chris Carr, ranges from appetizers to desserts.

As hotel restaurants and bars bounce back from the pandemic, F&B teams are changing the guest experience to align with changing expectations.

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