A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


How will the FDA's new sodium guideline impact menus?

The government’s recommendation to reduce sodium is voluntary.


The state of C&U foodservice: Mixing up the menu

Changes to self-service, safety protocols and more led to shifts in what's on offer.

Plant-based and plant-forward menu items are in high demand, with both operators and customers looking for new meatless ideas. If your recipe lineup is ready for a refresh, take a look at these five dishes for inspiration.

Nate Weir’s obsession with sourcing, sustainability, clean-label ingredients and more provides an accessible gateway to healthier eating.

Leighton Blackwood partnered with Sodexo to turn an entrepreneurial project into reality.

October is National Pasta Month, the perfect time to add a new pasta prep to your collection.

To celebrate National Pasta Month, one company is giving homesick students in Madison, Wis., free dinners delivered to their doors.

The digital competition encouraged chefs to submit dishes inspired by global street foods.

The foodservice provider planned and executed the annual Faith, Field and Feast event, sourcing hyperlocal ingredients to create a seasonal menu.

October is National Pizza Month, the perfect time to up your pizza game.

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