Rank: 20

2018 F&B sales: $34M

2018 total U.S. living units: 6,300

2018 total U.S. properties: 37

Location: Seattle


Merrill Gardens’ exclusive dining program is imagined by executive chefs who take pride in providing residents with healthy meals in restaurant-style dining rooms. The program’s mantra is that freedom around dining makes for a fuller and happier life, and it touts an Anytime Dining program that lets residents dine on their own schedules. Some of its Land and Ocean Daily Delights include Pan Seared Columbia River Steelhead and a Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich (grilled chicken on toast with garlic aioli, spinach, roasted peppers and feta drizzled with olive oil and balsamic syrup).


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Source: Data courtesy of Technomic. All sales figures are estimates.