Rank: 4

2018 F&B sales: $27.6M

2018 employee count: 15,000

Location: Menlo Park, Calif.


In September, the Full Circle Cafe at Facebook’s Menlo Park campus spotlighted Taiwanese dishes such as Three Cup Chicken, Braised Minced Pork and Pidan Tofu. Near the entrance at Full Circle Cafe is a microkitchen featuring espresso and salad bars. Several other signature entrees and microsnacks offered include Mixed Quinoa with Macadamia Nuts and Scallions; Green Tofu Curry Cups; Sliders with Beetroot and Thousand Island Dressing; Grilled “Snags” (Australian slang for sausages); and Steak with Lumpy Neon Curry Sauce.


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Source: Data courtesy of Technomic. All sales figures are estimates.