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Washington clears the way for catering to ramp back up

The state is one of several that have lifted restrictions on foodservice operations this week.


House of Representatives passes continuing resolution that includes funding to extend summer meal program waivers

The legislation will add almost $8 billion in funding for school nutrition programs.

Adapting to the rapidly changing environment is critical for survival these days.

Schools and after-school care centers with state agency approval will now be able to serve at-risk meals and snacks regardless of location.

The pandemic has emptied office buildings across the U.S, but when the workforce returns, their coffee preferences may be a bit different.

Restaurants with the highest closure rates include those specializing in breakfast and brunch, burgers and sandwiches, desserts and Mexican food, the review platform found.

Jumps in coronavirus cases have led a number of schools to change their policies in dining and elsewhere.

Any child under 18 can now receive free breakfast and lunch for Saturday.

Nearby districts and other community members have stepped in to help distribute meals.

Diners can call ahead to place their orders and then drive by the hospital to pick them up.

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