Rank: 11

2018 F&B sales: $70.8M

Total enrollment: 61,391

Location: Columbus, Ohio

OSU Dining recently unveiled a mobile-ordering app enabling to-go purchases at its 30-plus dining halls. The app amasses 8,000 transactions on peak days and accounts for approximately 35% of all retail sales. Four of OSU’s venues bring in more than 90% of their sales from mobile or kiosk orders. To address capacity issues at several dining halls, it unveiled Curl Market Patio, where food is cooked and prepped outdoors, in fall 2018. The dining team also initiated the My Cup program for students: Personalized reusable cups come with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) chips and are preloaded with 10 drink purchases.


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Source: Data courtesy of Technomic. All sales figures are estimates.