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Meat replacement sales up 268% at restaurants, study shows

But the costs of those products are also climbing steeply.


Kids Eat Local Act aims to bring more local food into schools

The legislation aims to simplify the local procurement process for operators.


Flavors at the menu forefront

Hear experts talk about chocolate hummus, Levantine cuisine and whether cauliflower remains a menu powerhouse.

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Here's how the hospital is maximizing a shiny new tower, and getting creative at an old facility.

A school district seasons with ranch to create flavorful dishes.

Chefs are taking on a bigger role in the effort to reduce waste.

In any servery, space comes at a premium. Lateral space for counters and equipment fills up fast to accommodate serving trays, drop-ins, heated or cooled surfaces and space for merchandising.

The company partnered with a local food rescue organization to pick up and distribute uneaten, leftover food from its headquarters.

Beverage service—especially coffee—is both an opportunity and a challenge for college and university foodservice operators. With its high margins, coffee is highly profitable. The challenges come from...

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Technomic tracks the latest ingredients and flavors to trickle down from independent restaurants.

One operation has found a way to feed families of staff.

Participants learned new knife skills, how to cook with whole grains and more.