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The state of K-12 foodservice

For a school foodservice operator, the daily challenges can be overwhelming: short lunch periods, picky eaters, aging equipment and understaffed kitchens just scratch the surface. And finding the time to start tackling these demands can be a challenge in and of itself.


Recipe report: Cook something new

Get the new year off to a tasty start by freshening up the menu with some new additions. Need inspiration? Click through the five recipes here.


School district replaces plastic water bottles with aluminum cans to cut back on waste

Manhattan Beach Unified School District switched to aluminum canned water at some of its schools at the start of the school year.

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Mardi Gras, which translates to Fat Tuesday, falls on Feb. 25 this year. Revelers typically celebrate with indulgent food and drink on that night to mark their last meal before Lent begins. These five recipes showcase New Orleans flavors and traditional Mardi Gras fare.

The bill would require the state to work with community and school leaders to help increase participation in the Community Eligibility Provision.

Innovative food and clever marketing are working to grow catering programs.

The Food and Nutrition Education in Schools Act of 2020 would provide funding for schools to hire full-time food and nutrition educators and to set up projects such as school gardens.

When Ithaca's foodservice team went self-op, Cornell University and other community allies stepped up to help.

The meteoric rise of plant-based and other non-beef patties is pushing operators to think outside the burger box. These five recipes will expand the selection and win over burger fans.

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Chief Marketing Officer Donna Josephson offers insights on menu evolution, the labor challenge and more.

"I-House," as it's fondly known, hosts students and residents from around the globe.

Schools would be allowed to donate packaged and unpackaged food, whole produce, wrapped raw produce or unpeeled fruit.