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Rosedale Union School District in Bakersfield, Calif., has partnered with nearby Kern High School District to improve Rosedale's foodservice program.

This year, Kern has prepared and delivered fresh meals such as turkey corn dogs and quesadillas to Rosedale students. Previously, students were served prepackaged frozen meals that were heated before being given to students. Rosedale is also expanding its salad bar pilot this year to one of its elementary schools. If all goes well, it hopes to offer a salad bar at all nine schools in the district, Bakersfield Californian reports....

Industry News & Opinion

Pellston Elementary School in Pellston, Mich., hosted a farmers market pop-up at its back-to-school night, News-Review reports.

The pop-up was developed through a partnership between the elementary school’s district and nonprofit FoodCorps and provided an opportunity for students and their families to try an apple and kale salad made with local ingredients.

Teachers and staff were also given vouchers to purchase items from the market through an anonymous donation.

Pellston began working with FoodCorps last year, and through the partnership has been able to offer a...

Ideas and Innovation

In an effort to retain employees and develop camaraderie among staff, we have our employees make a meal from their families’ country of origin to share with the rest of the team.

Ideas and Innovation
meal mushroom

We took a student group out to one of our farms we partner with to pick mushrooms. We then came back to campus, and the chefs developed menus with all the mushrooms we picked, and we invited the students back for dinner. We sat and shared stories about our experience on the farm and how we can continue to help these local community partners as we continue to grow.

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