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District launches employee referral incentive to fill open positions

The referring employee and the new hire will each receive $100.


School district installs bulletproof shelters inside cafeterias

The shelters can resist bullets from semi-automatic weapons.


All NYC public hospitals to observe Meatless Mondays

Promoted with the slogan “Power Up With Plants,” this new initiative is designed to empower patients to live healthier.

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Recent Stories

Here's how one operation is helping patients improve their health.

Foster connections with a free monthly dinner.

Starting next week, students will be served scaled-down meals to "conserve food and funding."

Here's how Erie Public Schools is working to take its program to the next level.

Set up a spot where students can offer recommendations.

With football playoffs in high gear and Super Bowl parties around the corner, it’s time to plan some eats and drinks to cook up for game days. 

Los Angeles Unified School District reworked a signature item to meet federal nutrition standards.

Authenticity and innovation are driving ramen on menus, and diners are slurping it up.

FoodService Director recently spoke with operators across the country to see how they’re handling today’s labor challenges.