Rank: 12

2018 F&B sales: $16.8M

Total bed count: 1,220

Total patient discharges: 58,001

Location: Rochester, Minn.


In 2019, Mayo Clinic Hospital-Rochester and its two campuses, Saint Mary’s and Methodist, launched Healthy You, an overarching recipe initiative geared to enhance the health and wellness of staff, guests and patients. Through the program, it doubled the availability of salad bars and plant-based foods. Celebrity chef Bal Arneson, host of the TV show “Spice Goddess,” educated staff about spices and healthy cooking techniques within a teaching kitchen setting. In an effort to up sustainability, the campus also eliminated polystyrene cups, provides straws by request only and offers discounts on hot beverages when staff use their own cups.


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Source: Data courtesy of Technomic. All sales figures are estimates.