Effective strategies for managing staff, hiring, training, retention and more.

Sodexo to fund endowment for new doctorate of clinical nutrition program

The program will begin in 2023 via the University of Texas Medical Branch.


Recent survey shows a majority of job quitters regret their exit

Nearly 3 in 4 say their next job didn't live up to expectations, and close to half indicate they'll try to get their old jobs back.

The students work a four-hour shift after attending class.

The state is broadening a program that aims to make child care accessible by dividing the cost between employees, employers and the state.

The guidance comes from a report released this week by the administration's Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment.

A new Holistic Nutrition and Wellness diploma and degree program aims to bridge the education gap between dietitians and chefs.

Her grassroots program has now expanded to 13 cities, boosting revenue, visibility and opportunity for women in the industry.

Patrons will readily shift their loyalties on the basis of how staffs are handled, particularly when it comes to COVID safety, per the findings.

The emergency requirement was technically reduced to a proposed rule, meaning it still could be adopted, but only through the usual prolonged process.

The matter isn't settled because of pending deliberations at the circuit-court level, but the nation's highest court said it anticipates the requirement to be shot down.

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