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Chartwells Higher Ed to add climate labeling at dining halls this fall

The foodservice management company has teamed up with researcher How Good to debut the labels.


Austin ISD students compete in burrito cooking competition

The winning dish, the “burrito verde,” will be served on district lunch menus next school year.

The three mall concepts were a first for Sodexo’s higher ed division.

Focal points of the updated space include a hydroponic system and a station centered around exhibition cooking.

Grand prize recipients of the association’s Loyal E. Horton dining, nutrition and sustainability awards will be named in July.

The greenhouses will grow items such as lettuce, legumes, carrots and radishes, and also provide students with hands-on learning experiences.

Fifteen students at Wayzata High School are working in the cafeteria for class credit and close to $17 an hour.

See what today's diners want and what’s trending on the sandwich menu.

The Senate is debating whether to include funding for the waivers issued during the pandemic in a supplemental appropriations package.

Laguna Middle School held the event to celebrate the state’s expansion of free school meals to all students.

Sodexo has teamed up with Harvesting Good, a for-profit subsidiary of Good Shepherd Food Bank in Maine, to launch the initiative.

Gwinnett County Public Schools is planning on adding a halal hot dog to its menu in the fall.

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