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Hospital hosts cooking competition for dietetic interns

The competition was modeled after the Food Network TV series “Chopped.”


Kids Eat Local Act aims to bring more local food into schools

The legislation aims to simplify the local procurement process for operators.

The company partnered with a local food rescue organization to pick up and distribute uneaten, leftover food from its headquarters.

Participating schools will receive $126,000 from the state to rearrange their schedules to include a longer lunch period.

Participants learned new knife skills, how to cook with whole grains and more.

The Farm and Ranch to School Act would provide funding for local meat procurement in schools.

Guests could try dishes made with ingredients such as jackfruit, toasted orzo and quinoa.

The sit-down meals help students take time and enjoy their lunch before rushing off to their next class.

The Snack Shack allows students to leave unopened food for their peers.

A new report from Feeding America looks at food insecurity among adults over 60.

Austin Public Schools has started The Lunch Tray Project to help families struggling to make ends meet.

When it comes to food, ideas around health and wellness are shifting.