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Belinda Oakley departs Chartwells K12 for CEO role at Sodexo

Oakley is the new chief executive of Sodexo Live! North America.


Seattle Public Schools brings focus to culinary program through Lunch with Leaders event

The city's mayor and members of its Office of Sustainability and the Environment served lunch to students and highlighted the importance of local food.

2022 was a rollercoaster of a year, and 2023 may pack plenty of surprises as well. FSD’s editors have been keeping a close eye on the trends—here’s what we see gaining prominence in the months to come.

Celebrity Chef Carla Hall visited Knoxville Elementary School where she prepared a special meal for cafeteria staff and taught them how to make biscuits.

Chelsea Hospital is providing the meal for those who will be spending the holiday alone or cannot afford a meal.

Support for the whole worker, flexible scheduling and more are gaining steam as staffing issues continue to roil operations.

Chef Tu David Phu worked with nutrition staff to prepare a variety of Vietnamese and Korean dishes.

Harrisonburg City Public Schools is serving local lunches and has invited farmers to come speak to students.

Montgomery Public Schools teamed up with Real Food for Kids and Silver Diner to create several new plant-based dishes.

Bozeman Public Schools has partnered with nearby Monforton School District, which has lately been unable to serve hot lunches to students.

Users can order meals from their phone or tablet and also keep track of their nutrients throughout the day.

The October conference from FoodService Director and its parent company, Winsight, offers unique opportunities for operators from all segments of noncommercial.

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