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U.S. Senate bill would ban pesticide linked to developmental disabilities from school meals

The Safe School Meals for Kids Act would prohibit schools from serving food that contains any amount of detectable chlorpyrifos.


Hospital foodservice program wins award for sustainability

Abraham Lincoln Memorial was recognized for reducing waste and greenhouse gases and increasing sales of healthy food.

The Maine district will switch its daily alternative vegetarian meal to a hot vegan entree next year.

The Twisted Beet focuses on comfort foods that incorporate produce.

The comfort-food concept will come to more than 750 colleges, healthcare and business-and-industry sites.

Three federal agencies announced the strategy during the Trump administration’s Winning on Food Waste Reduction Month.

The state passed an anti-lunch-shaming bill and a bill that would allow districts to serve excess cafeteria food to students.

For two days, students will have the opportunity to donate meal plan dollars to the school’s Student Emergency Fund.

The move is expected to keep 2.9 million plastic trays from ending up in the landfill.

Members of FSD’s Culinary Council share the dining movements they’re keeping an eye on.

The school’s new dining concept comes shortly after students waged a hunger strike to raise awareness of food insecurity on campus.

The lawsuit filed by six states and Washington, D.C., asks the court to put rollbacks of the sodium and whole-grain requirements on hold.