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Peter Romeo has covered the restaurant industry since 1984 for a variety of media. As Editor At Large for Restaurant Business, his current beats are government affairs, labor and family dining. He is also the publication's unofficial historian.  

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As promised, the Midwest's Raydia distribution conglomerate is acquiring another broadliner

B+B Foods Distributors will function as a distinct entity within Raydia's expanding hold, with Scott Isles continue to lead the family-run operation.


Parent of distributors Stanz and Troyer lays the groundwork for more acquisitions

The company is recasting itself as a holding company for Midwestern haulers, a move that should also facilitate the adoption of new technology.

The department has filed a court action against a Minnesota town for requiring an employee to pay for proof of sobriety.

With big-name backing, Tucson operator Grant Krueger sues to prevent a farming change that's expected to drive up egg prices.

With an annual budget of $80 million, the school serves 40,000 meals a day through 35 outlets.

The new rules apply to restaurants and on-site operations like cafeterias, though healthcare facilities are exempt from the ban on providing single-use straws.

The chain closed the campus-adjacent unit, which differed from most of its stores by forgoing gas pumps.

The state has followed California and Massachusetts in setting new hog-raising standards, a move likely to put a crimp into pork supplies.

Restaurants are expected to be the catalysts for Americans mixing more sea vegetables and bivalves into their diets. And college operations are among some of the early adopters.

A new report shows that grocery inflation made restaurant meals almost as economical as cooking at home.

The hospital network had a foodservice program that even executives didn't appreciate. Now it's getting profiled as the future of healthcare foodservice.

The state Senate approved a bill banning the use of gestation crates. The measure now moves to Gov. Phil Murphy, who is expected to sign it into law.

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