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University of Michigan commits to make more than half its menu plant based by 2025

The university is collaborating with the Humane Society of the United States to accomplish this goal.


A look inside Yahentamitsi, the University of Maryland’s new dining hall

The hall honors the Piscataway people, who are indigenous to the state.

When it comes to local sourcing and food waste reduction, the university has hit hurdles. Here’s a look at how it’s working to overcome them.

Rhode Island Schools Recycling Club implements a sorting process to reduce landfill-bound waste in the cafeteria.

The station, called Adobo Cantina, is set to open in the spring semester.

Some hosted early holiday dinners, while others gave back to their communities through food drives.

With winter underway and a variety of holidays around the corner, December is the perfect time to feature festive fare. From National Hot Cocoa Day to Christmas, here are five marketing opportunities in the weeks ahead.

CrossRoads has been serving UConn students plant-centric fare for over a year. Here’s a look at what the team has learned.

USF’s Tastes Around the World program showcases a new ingredient or cooking style weekly.

The concept, which was certified last year, is the only kosher and halal location within a 15-mile radius of the campus.

The meal kits come stocked with a variety of snacks and drinks.

The research team conducted interviews with hospital nutrition services at seven facilities across the state.

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