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Health on the menu: meeting student expectations

Even though definitions of health continue to evolve, focusing on key strategic areas can help college and university operators meet their customers’ expectations.


Sanitizing smarter: Build trust and reinforce safety with efficient cleaning processes and solutions

As many Americans have begun the process of returning to work and school—or have already done so completely—places like school cafeterias and other non-commercial foodservice facilities have had to rethink their sanitation practices.

For the first time, the American government’s nutrition recommendations cover all age groups.

Here’s a look at some attributes impacting the food choices of today’s consumers, according to Technomic data.

The National Restaurant Association Show’s 2020 FABI Awards reveal the top products manufacturers have in store for foodservice operators.

Comfort foods have been trending during the coronavirus pandemic, but healthier foods are starting to see an uptick on menus. These five recipes fit the bill for lighter summer fare.

Before the coronavirus hit, a college dining team tapped into a simple wellness program that resonated.

See which ingredients, flavors and culinary movements had the biggest impact this year.

Canton Local School District has partnered with a rescued produce delivery service.

This year’s class of Change Makers is moving beyond brick and mortar to bring their operations into the future.

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