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The Big Apple goes plant-based

New York City hospitals see success with making plant-based items the default choice on patient menus.


Food Lion pilots a food pharmacy

The grocer has partnered with Novant Health to target consumers dealing with food insecurity and chronic health issues.

The pandemic has changed the amounts Americans want to eat, finds a new study from Georgetown University.

BeWell Nutrition for the Active Adult steers participants toward healthy eating and exercise.

The system’s public hospitals are now menuing plant-based items as the main option at dinner.

In addition to its brick-and-mortar storefronts, Everytable has an institutional foodservice operation providing meals for low-income seniors and houseless residents temporarily sheltered in hotels.

At Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, menu items are built around sustainable and local ingredients, with a focus on reducing salt and fat.

The department is putting $50 million toward the initiative, which aims to foster collaboration between schools and the food industry at large.

Technomic’s 2023 predictions include an increase in bold, pink-hued ingredients, some with health-promoting properties.

Chefs add excitement to the wellness initiative through a teaching kitchen and small tweaks to favorite dishes.

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