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Pink food is trending, adding a healthy, rosy glow to the menu

Technomic’s 2023 predictions include an increase in bold, pink-hued ingredients, some with health-promoting properties.


Cura’s BeWell program gently nudges residents toward healthy eating

Chefs add excitement to the wellness initiative through a teaching kitchen and small tweaks to favorite dishes.

In its new proposed rule to update the definition of “healthy” on packaged food labels, the Food & Drug Administration is cracking down on sugar and nutrient fortification of junk foods.

COVID was a catalyst for mental health issues and substance abuse among many close to higher-ed campuses. Here’s how one school is tackling the crisis head on.

The program offers the campus community three meal kit options on two Mondays a month.

The company joins the growing movement to provide food amenities for employees, wherever their workspace might be.

Health, money, animal welfare and more are pushing consumers to eat more produce and less meat, a recent survey finds.

Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital has used a state grant to create the series, which highlights heart-healthy recipes and more.

An estimated 1 in 10 Americans struggle with food insecurity, the organization notes.

Researchers surveyed nearly 2,000 California students before and after visiting food pantries on campus.

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