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Foodservice Operation of the Month

Switching to room service and back again

After Legacy Retirement Communities shut down its dining rooms amid COVID-19, Robert Darrah and his team wanted to bring back some flavor of pre-pandemic dining. Here’s how they did it.

Foodservice Operation of the Month

Get to know Dining Services Director Robert Darrah

See what’s in store for Darrah’s operation, which was named FSD’s February Foodservice Operation of the Month.

Here's how the foodservice team at Legacy Retirement Communities has kept excitement on the menu.

Legacy Retirement Communities has found ways to maintain some normalcy in these most unusual times.

On a new episode of "Dig In," FSD Lori Danella shares how her foodservice team prepared for the unprecedented.

See what’s in store for Danella’s district, which was named FSD’s January 2021 Foodservice Operation of the Month.

Constant pivoting can breed constant stress, as FSDs around the country have learned firsthand.

When the pandemic started, Nutrition Director Lori Danella and her team didn’t know how exactly they would pull off meal service, but they knew they had to.

IU’s foodservice staff found new ways to craft connections while campus was closed.

The hospital's staff craft special experiences with a side of comfort.

"I-House," as it's fondly known, hosts students and residents from around the globe.

A new bistro serves up hope—and cancer-fighting fare.

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