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Biden announces new vaccine mandates

The mandates will impact a wide swath of the workforce, including employees in healthcare and in the private sector.


Face mask requirements likely to return, health officials warn

With COVID infections rising again because of the Delta variant, some areas are already asking eateries to voluntarily require face coverings.

New styles of service took hold during the pandemic, and dining teams rose to the challenge.

While much of the curriculum is staying the course, schools are introducing new skills and trainings to meet changing demands.

As the pandemic wiped out communal dining on campus, foodservice teams were quick to pivot. But as dining in resumes, what comes next?

Nor do they need to stay six feet from others, according to the updated safety guidelines.

The dining team’s fleet of golf carts transports around 400 food orders daily.

With mass vaccination programs underway, operators still face pandemic-related challenges.

A streamlined inventory, new value meals and more are the result of a fresh mindset among the health system’s dining team.

Dining teams are sticking to COVID-era engagement practices as in-person events return to the mix.

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