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Seafood prices underscore a complex supply chain

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the foodservice-dependent fishing industry.


Almost 24,000 restaurants are closed from COVID-19, Yelp says

Half of those closures are permanent. At first glance, the figure is smaller than earlier estimates.

The University of Michigan’s Maize and Blue Cupboard has managed to keep students with food insecurity safely fed amid COVID-19.

What will become of one of the industry’s biggest pre-pandemic trends?

Campuses are changing up foodservice around COVID-19 restrictions.

When COVID-19 forced the foodservice team to make some changes, they quickly created experiences that could rival dining in.

Has the coronavirus thrown a wrench in foodservice operators’ earth-friendly efforts?

Operators are continuing to step up to reduce hunger in their communities.

Cleaning routines are more important than ever as dining rooms reopen across the industry.

Carryout and delivery surged during the pandemic, and most operators plan to continue these options once they reopen. One lesson learned: Certain menu items travel better than others.

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