Catering orders return to pre-pandemic levels at offices, other workplaces

This year's sales are ahead of 2019's, according to ezCater, whose customers include manufacturing plants, call centers and colleges that feed sports teams, faculty and student groups.


C&U and healthcare operators put new spins on holiday celebrations

After two years of scaling back, winter holiday festivities are in full swing at foodservice venues.

Chefs at the boutique hotel chain are creating new takes on butter boards for holiday tables.

As employees returned to offices this fall, restaurants saw double-digit jumps in catering sales. Bookings through ezCater are up 91% this year.

New items served at Bobcat Stadium’s club level are inspired by the football team’s rivals.

Compass Group has issued two sustainable bonds in an effort to bolster its investment in eco-friendly initiatives. The company says it is the first in the foodservice sector to do so. Compass s...

Developers are far from abandoning the model, but they are reworking it to make the format, food and site locations more relevant.

The lineup, created by Michigan Stadium’s executive chef, Chris Carr, ranges from appetizers to desserts.

Foodservice staff at Oklahoma Baptist University found a way to keep guests safe while providing a memorable experience during the university’s presidential inauguration.

Morrison Dining is home to 11 on-trend concepts, including a noodle bar and a vegan eatery.

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