Ohio jail accepts proposals from Aramark for food services

Despite bad publicity about the company’s food delivery services in state facilities, Lorain County officials say they have a good working relationship with Aramark.


Where does the buffet stop and food theft start on campus?

College students consider take-away food a privilege of expensive meal plans, but one university says stolen food adds up to $50,000 annually.

Will the importance to potential star recruits put pressure on FSDs to deliver better fare?

Police say the foodservice contractor was conned into giving concessions to a group that was far from a legitimate non-profit.

Union representatives received email from Sodexo stating that two J Street workers would be laid off because of university-mandated cutbacks. But the university, facing a $20 million budget shortfall, says it has not directed the contractor to make any changes to the foodservice program.

Palo Verde College is currently looking for applicants interested in operating the Pirates Den located inside the services building.

When it comes to catered events, finding the right cocktail can be challenging, especially on college campuses where alcohol is often an issue.

There is a revolution going on at Microsoft Corp.’s headquarters in Redmond, Wash., one that has nothing to do with software, operating systems, or high-tech toys.

Boxed-lunch program offers two tiers of service with emphasis on local sourcing.

Micheline Piekarski wishes she could visit Woodstock, wants to golf in Scotland, and loves spaghetti and meatballs.Q. What is the best part of your job?Feeding our future leaders.Q. What is the worst ...

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