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Joe Guszkowski is a senior editor with Restaurant Business covering technology. When he’s not busy writing about QR codes and burger-flipping robots, he can probably be found reading, watching basketball or hanging out with his cat. He lives in Chicago.

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Uber Eats to pilot autonomous delivery via robots, cars

It’s also rolling out the ability to use the Eats app at sports stadiums.

Technology & Equipment

AI’s latest job? Making sure the coffee’s fresh

Panera Bread is testing software from Miso Robotics to monitor the coffee station so workers don’t have to.

The agency is purchasing 10 robots to help reduce food waste and support staffing at dining facilities.

The applications include two virtual brands that would be prepared by the delivery company’s Chowbotics machines.

More teleworkers are cooking for themselves or ordering delivery than going out.

The company also seeks to have units in universities, factories and office buildings.

Over a third say they've visited a restaurant after seeing it on the app popular with teens, a new study shows.

The company is teaming up with Russia-based Yandex to deliver food using autonomous rovers.

The social ordering platform has become a hit with college students.

The deal, which is expected to close June 15, will create one of the largest food delivery companies worldwide.

Virtual kitchens of many sorts continue to gain steam across foodservice.

Recent iterations from Walmart and the Detroit Pistons are blurring the lines between food and fulfillment.

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