Chartwells Higher Ed team used creativity and adaptability to cater award-winning event

Foodservice staff at Oklahoma Baptist University found a way to keep guests safe while providing a memorable experience during the university’s presidential inauguration.


Cornell University's newest dining hall embraces the present and the future

Morrison Dining is home to 11 on-trend concepts, including a noodle bar and a vegan eatery.

Catering partner Sodexo Live! gives basketball fans a taste of New Orleans with new food and drink additions.

A small but mighty foodservice team feeds 4,500 students in just 25 minutes inside a massive dining hall.

The platform broadens Sodexo’s channels for feeding the growing hybrid workplace.

Catering programs are being packaged in new ways to win back lost business.

Its revised program has provided meals for the vice presidential debate, wedding receptions and more.

The profit center that many foodservice operators count on cratered throughout 2020. When will it bounce back in earnest?

As employees begin to trickle back to the workplace, concepts are revamping catered lunches to meet today’s demands.

With events of all types coming to a halt, catering departments are getting creative to recoup lost revenue and keep customers safe.

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