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Study reveals school nutrition professionals’ safety worries during COVID-19

A majority of survey respondents said that employee safety was somewhat or much more difficult during the pandemic.


Get to know school nutrition director Lori Danella

See what’s in store for Danella’s district, which was named FSD’s January 2021 Foodservice Operation of the Month.

On a new episode of "Dig In," FSD Lori Danella shares how her foodservice team prepared for the unprecedented.

When the pandemic started, Nutrition Director Lori Danella and her team didn’t know how exactly they would pull off meal service, but they knew they had to.

Foodservice programs are applying what they learned during fall semester as they enter the next.

Constant pivoting can breed constant stress, as FSDs around the country have learned firsthand.

Operators have been thinking outside the box to address a myriad of pandemic-related staffing concerns.

School operators are seeking to grow participation and engagement in this strange new world.

See how operators responded to FSD's second annual school foodservice survey.

Despite challenges, scratch cooking and sustainability goals remain a priority for many.

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