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Inside a college's customization-centric noodle bar

At Pine Manor College, students not only choose their own ingredients, they can personalize portion size and seasoning.


How colleges are customizing meatless dishes

The straightforward Chipotle model of customization has become, as the kids say, so basic.

As menu item customization hits the next level, operators are playing around with portion sizes.

Operators share the innovative ways they’re meeting diners’ desires.

FSDs spill on cost-effective protein they're loving right now.

Here's how they're incentivizing high-quality meals.

Operators are crafting excitement for celebratory menus. Here are four ways to generate excitement during holiday-season meals from operators who have had success. 

Create international flavor with sauces. For inspiration, FSD talked to operators who are offering a range of condiments plucked from global regional cuisines.

Make salads feel more seasonal with cold-weather veggies. While salad bars can be the heart of promoting a plant-forward mission, they come with a responsibility.

Here's how to get a pop-up concept off the ground. Pop-ups—temporary concepts that pop into diners’ lives and then disappear just as quickly—have been trending in the restaurant industry for years.

Operators weigh in on hunger and new ways they're tackling it. Read on to see how operators are bringing more to the table to address the hunger needs at schools.

Here are the best practices from school FSDs. 

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