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5 ways to appeal to Hispanic diners through the menu

Here are five findings from Technomic’s new Hispanic Foodservice Consumer Trend Report that reveal how operators can attract this demographic’s dining dollars.


Squeezing profits from water

About three in 10 consumers are increasingly drinking water at restaurants for health reasons, shows Technomic’s Beverage Consumer Trend Report.

Operators create riffs on classic menu items as relations with the U.S. warm up.

Here's how Yale University is targeting the tastes of today's students, according to Senior Director of Dining Adam Millman. 

Gen Z dominates college campuses these days, and they are tired of some of the same old offerings. Here are the menu items they’re increasingly interested in ordering—and those they’re snubbing.

Operators reveal how they’re hooking their diners with fish.

Does Gen Z really love those communal tables and wacky food mashups operators are investing money in? Maybe not so much after all. 

Restaurantgoers reveal which chains’ french fries are most likely to spark cravings.

How FSDs are building off diners’ perceptions of flavor and health to create winning dishes.

Consumers share which preparations and ingredients they increasingly prefer for the poultry staple.

These 25 places are consumers’ favorite to grab a cup of joe when speed and convenience are top of mind. 

Consumer interest is up for classic and comforting meat dishes like meatballs (16%), beef pot pie (26%) and meatloaf (12%) for dinner now compared to two years ago.

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