A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Catering wins

In addition to inventive presentations, how are chefs getting the attention of buffet-bored guests? Handheld items and action stations, often in tandem, top the list.


Housemade in a snap

Speed scratch can be a big scheduling help, but premade items can also be a calorie bomb. Follow these tips for keeping speed-scratch cooking quick and healthy.

Here's how school dining halls are rethinking protein.

What’s trending on menus as we head into the second half of the year? Operators can expect the unexpected but shouldn’t ignore proven hits and customer favorites.

With demand continuing to grow, here’s how operators can get the most out of iced-coffee offerings.

Changing up familiar items with one or two new ingredients is an easy way to refresh the menu. Start with one of these classic sandwich recipes that have been updated with surprising twists.

See which factors truly make a taco that encourages guests to return.

New takes on the beverage—and its flavor—are creating a buzz on menus. 

Summer thrill-seekers may visit these parks for the wild rides, but some of the attractions are of the edible sort.

Even if the kitchen temperature rises to new highs, customer demands don’t drop off. These five recipes will help beat the heat through the steamy days of summer.