A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


K-12 menus get simpler

Less ingredients, less processed, less on the plate and less additives are all ideas that have come to define the future of foodservice—particularly at the K-12 level.


Increase profits with premium menu ingredients

Operators can use the premium positioning of wild ingredients to command a higher price point on menus.

Here’s how operators are thinking outside the box when it comes to hot and cold cereals.

The list of limited-service chains betting on upgraded chicken sandwiches has grown again, suggesting the spotlight has shifted from better burgers to a better bird.

Restaurantgoers reveal which chains’ french fries are most likely to spark cravings.

Brunch is a celebratory meal that adapts to any event, catering to groups large and small. To amp up your menu, move out of the eggs-Benedict-and-omelet rut.

It’s no secret that consumers love protein, whether it’s steaks, burgers or chicken wings. But today’s diners have a new set of dining expectations.

Trending on menus, iced coffee is leading the pack of chilled beverages on foodservice menus.

Why not set your menu apart this year by adding something a little different to the lineup? Get the party started with these festive Cinco de Mayo recipes.

A revamped North American tribe recipe is now a staple in Wash U’s dining program, which completes 18,000 to 22,000 transactions daily.