A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Serving premium menu items with time-saving ease

Non-commercial foodservice operators are working harder and harder to offer diners the foods they want to eat.


15 items rocking menus around the globe

Technomic’s look into worldwide menu innovation packs some surprises.

But the costs of those products are also climbing steeply.

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With summer just around the corner, customers will be seeking sweet respites from the heat. Consider offering one of these five flavor-forward refreshers.

Beverage service—especially coffee—is both an opportunity and a challenge for college and university foodservice operators. With its high margins, coffee is highly profitable. The challenges come from...

Chefs are taking on a bigger role in the effort to reduce waste.

Farmers markets are in full swing and fresh produce is in abundance, putting both chefs and customers in the mood for veg-centric dishes. The five recipes here showcase some of the best seasonal selections.

California dairy makes a perfect partner for plant-forward dishes.

Fries can present a bit of a conundrum for noncommercial foodservice operators. They are almost always going to be included on a menu because they are one of the most ubiquitous of sides. But there’s ...