Sodexo aims to add more plant-based dishes at colleges

The company is working with the Humane Society to help meet its goal of having 42% of menu items on campus be plant-based by 2025.
plant-based bowl
Photo: Shutterstock

As interest in plant-based options continues to grow, Sodexo is doubling down on efforts to serve them, particularly on college campuses. 

Sodexo's college and university division is aiming for 42% of its menu items to be plant-based by 2025, a goal it plans to achieve in part by expanding its partnership with the Humane Society of the U.S. 

More than 70% of Sodexo’s supply-based carbon footprint during its 2020 fiscal year tied back to the purchase of animal-based products, the company said, noting that it seeks to reduce its overall carbon emissions by 34% by 2025.

Sodexo has worked with the Humane Society for more than a decade on a variety of initiatives related to the supply chain and promoting plant-centric cuisine. 

One feature of the partnership has been plant-based takeover events, during which campus chefs participate in Humane Society-led trainings on plant-based menus. They then prepare these sorts of items for students, who are asked to provide feedback.

“It’s important for us to receive feedback directly from the customer as it helps us identify which plant-based dishes will become permanent fixtures on our menus,” Jennifer DiFrancesco, director of culinary innovation for Sodexo Campus, said in a statement. 


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