Labor-saving solutions for craveable desserts

Ready-to-bake brownie batter offers unparalleled quality, convenience.
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Current labor challenges and short-staffing issues abound in restaurants, and the same issue is hitting noncommercial foodservice, too. And in some segments, such as college and university foodservice, the labor challenges are even worse, considering many workers are students and only work there a short time.

To ease the stress brought on by these labor issues, many operators are exploring ways to cut the amount of labor used during a given shift. In the realm of desserts, a route many operators have taken to save on labor is turning to pre-made or frozen options. And while that can be a viable choice for some, there are shortcomings with those solutions—namely, inability to customize, extended freeze/thaw time and freezer burn. A new product from Krusteaz Professional, however, aims to offer a solution for creating craveable desserts without worrying about labor or sacrificing taste or quality.

Ready-to-bake convenience

While ready-to-eat desserts are nothing new, ready-to-bake options, such as brownie batter in a bag, are relatively new to the foodservice industry. According to Chef Dimitrij Ponomarchuk, WCEC, CEC, Director of Culinary Resources at Krusteaz Professional, “The introduction of a ready-to-bake brownie batter was the natural evolution of foodservice products designed to offer quality and convenience to foodservice operators.” In segments with higher-than-average turnover, such as a student-staffed kitchen at a college or university, convenience and easy prep is paramount. With this product, there’s no weighing, no measuring and no mixing, virtually eliminating all prep time for desserts without sacrificing fresh-baked taste. In just a short time it takes to bake up a batch, operators can have a warm, fudgy brownie that guests will love—all without ever having to measure anything or dirty extra dishes. In high-turnover kitchens, products such as ready-to-bake brownie batter eliminate the need for extensive training, too—making this a perfect product for kitchens operated by temporary workers or seasonal employees.

Customizable, signature offerings

With this versatile ready-to-bake batter, operators can create signature offerings or add mix-ins such as caramel and pecans to create a turtle brownie in almost no time. From raspberry swirl to cheesecake brownies in any shape or size, the customization options are endless. With this method, no creativity is lost, and operators are free to put forth new and exciting desserts featuring seasonal or trending flavors as they please—without stretching labor. Creating signature menu items, as well as offering a variety of desserts, can be helpful for boosting sales in college foodservice. Kitchen workers can simply stir in mix-ins before baking or add toppings such as frosting or ganache. The convenience of the ready-to-bake batter makes it easy to pour it into a baking vessel, bake and amaze students and staff.

Standout consistency and a long shelf-life

As labor challenges drag on, the need for convenient, timesaving solutions such as ready-to-bake desserts will only become more common. But convenience isn’t the only benefit operators can glean from a product such as Krusteaz Professional Ready-to-Bake Brownie Batter. Consistency and long shelf life are two more.

“Since we’ve rolled it out,” said Chef Ponomarchuk, “I have yet to deal with one single issue” from customers. Each portion of ready-to-bake brownie batter produces a half-sheet pan of brownies, perfect to make just enough for a day or so of service without having much—if any—waste. Additionally, the product’s patent-pending technology and proven production process create a preservative-free batter that stays fresh for a long time. Plus, once baked and tightly wrapped, the brownies last up to four days. With a shelf life of about eight months, ready-to-bake brownie batter from Krusteaz Professional offers operators the dessert solution they’ve been seeking.

“Krusteaz Professional is traditionally a mix company,” said Chef Ponomarchuk, “but this product is an extension of that, produced with the intention of making operators’ lives easier.”

Simply… Pour. Bake. Amaze!™

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