A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


6 emerging menu trends that may go mainstream

These ingredients and flavors could be poised to trickle down to noncommercial.


7 more scratch-made dishes on school menus

As the school year gets into full swing, students across the country will be able to enjoy new scratch-made options.

Lauren Hallow, manager of consumer insights for Technomic, shares strategies for creating successful limited-time offers on this episode of “Menu Feed.”

Here are some suggestions to bring new life to traditional favorites.

Consumers who regularly eat in hospitals, schools, universities, large offices or other institutions are looking for the same type of informative food labeling, including clearly identified foods that are both healthy and fresh.

Bowls are customizable, convenient, healthful and flexible—attributes that appeal to both operators and consumers. The five recipes here fit the bill. These bowls feature grains, vegetables and small amounts of protein flavored with on-trend global ingredients.

College and university students are a diverse and nutritionally-savvy lot, and they’re craving healthier options such as plant-based protein and more unique global fare.

Foodservice operators should be looking for more ways to include fruit throughout the day—in more ways than in just a fruit salad.

Ethnic cues are reshaping meals with a plant-forward spin.

See what recent research shows about this dining set.

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