A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Operations unleash a bumper crop of plant-forward snacks

The growth in snacking is reaping more veggie options.


Guilt-free snacking with plant-forward options

For noncommercial foodservice facilities, offering healthy snacks means offering both packaged and freshly prepared grab-and-go options, and as more people look for better-for-you choices, plant-based fare is becoming more common in the snacks category.

Dishes such as cricket-flour crepes and a green tea silkworm smoothie will be served.

With the start of Lent this week, your customers may be looking for more seafood options on the menu. These five cost-effective recipes can help meet the demand during the Lenten season, which runs until April 18.

This year, groups of two had an hour to prepare and plate a vegetarian dish.

In celebration of baseball season, a New Hampshire school district developed a nut-free spin on Cracker Jack.

For sports fans who want a better-for-you or meat-free option, plant-based proteins are the perfect alternative.

Senior Editor Pat Cobe talks with Lizzy Freier about the flavors and preparations operators are experimenting with this year.

While pizza used to be limited to menus that focused on Italian food or pizza itself, operations in other segments are now turning out versions as starters, snacks and shareable or individual entrees. If it’s time to give your pizzas a fresh spin, try these five recipes.

Beef and pork are still in demand, despite a focus on plant-forward eating.