A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Healthcare dining facilities riff on latest restaurant trends

Check out some of the ways industry trends are shaping healthcare foodservice operations.


How to offer plant-based dishes without adding labor

Offering plant-based menu items doesn’t need to come with added labor or cost.

Mardi Gras, which translates to Fat Tuesday, falls on Feb. 25 this year. Revelers typically celebrate with indulgent food and drink on that night to mark their last meal before Lent begins. These five recipes showcase New Orleans flavors and traditional Mardi Gras fare.

Innovative food and clever marketing are working to grow catering programs.

Just as spring brings eagerly anticipated green growth on the ground and on the trees, spring menus lend color and vibrancy to foodservice menus and signal a return to favorite seasonal ingredients.

Chief Marketing Officer Donna Josephson offers insights on menu evolution, the labor challenge and more.

The meteoric rise of plant-based and other non-beef patties is pushing operators to think outside the burger box. These five recipes will expand the selection and win over burger fans.

But what is new is the way technology can help to tailor foodservice operations to a particular healthcare setting, based on a specific population and its wants and needs

For patients needing more protein and healthy fats, such as those who need to maintain healthy insulin levels, create a power bowl featuring brown rice, eggs, avocados and other plant-based ingredients.

Innovative menu items and activities spurred participation in a soon-to-be-annual plant-forward challenge.

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