A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


The way Gen Z eats, thinks and feels informs new wellness series at UPenn

Bon Appetit’s new Dine Well, Eat Smart monthly takeover series taps into the college-age generation’s wants and needs, from lowering their carbon footprint, to elevating their mood, all in a chill, low-key manner.


These 8 trends are moving menus forward around the world

Future Menus 2024 identifies the top forces shaping today’s global food scene to push chefs ahead of the culinary curve.

Pocket some key summer-stunner recipes now; bask in the glow of menu success all season long with tropical cocktails, farm-fresh salad, grill-friendly skewers and the famous healthcare recipe, Beef Steak Tomato Sandwich.

OVG Hospitality’s backyard barbecue-meets-global-street food items are your perfect summer-fun idea starters for something different under the sun in stadium cuisine.

For operators looking to expand the plant-based menu options, choosing versatile products that can be used in familiar dishes is the winning choice.

The Menu Feed podcast is transitioning to Menu Talk, featuring inspiring culinary conversations with two hosts: Pat Cobe with Restaurant Business and Bret Thorn, Nation’s Restaurant News.

The unsung hero of salads, bowls and more, couscous has got your back, whether it’s in the background, soaking up the sauce, or the main attraction, soaking up the spotlight.

Locally Sourced: MSU Culinary Services has begun incorporating honey harvested on campus in its menus, including in the vinaigrette for its Spring Vegetable Grain Bowl.

As food allergies become more common, foodservice operators look to alternatives to ensure patron safety. Spreads like Sunbutter help operators offer diners delicious food without compromising safety.

Clay Walker, president of the iconic California drive-in, shares why local flavor and hospitality creates staying power.

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