How Gott's Roadside evolves the menu while honoring the restaurant's 25-year legacy

Clay Walker, president of the iconic California drive-in, shares why local flavor and hospitality creates staying power.

Gott’s Roadside got its start in California’s Napa Valley 25 years ago and has been recognized by the James Beard Foundation as an early pioneer of fast-casual dining. Through the years, the food has evolved from a limited menu of burgers, fries and shakes to a broad and varied selection that offers something for everyone, says Clay Walker, president of the iconic drive-in.

 Clay Walker

Clay Walker

This year, culinary director Jennifer Rebman is introducing a commemorative 25th anniversary menu, rotating in old favorites and new LTOs during each month of 2024. Items like a soft shell crab sandwich, grilled artichokes, street corn and a lobster BLT are coming up as specials.

Listen as Walker describes how he is honoring Gott’s legacy while growing the brand, how the roadside restaurant puts hospitality front and center, and what guests can expect next from Gott’s.

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