A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Technology helps healthcare balance foodservice standardization with customization

But what is new is the way technology can help to tailor foodservice operations to a particular healthcare setting, based on a specific population and its wants and needs


Benefits of plant-forward eating in healthcare foodservice

For patients needing more protein and healthy fats, such as those who need to maintain healthy insulin levels, create a power bowl featuring brown rice, eggs, avocados and other plant-based ingredients.

Innovative menu items and activities spurred participation in a soon-to-be-annual plant-forward challenge.

The brand is finding success by tailoring to local markets.

Next week is a big one for celebratory food and drink, with the Academy Awards telecast on Sunday and Valentine’s Day on Friday. Get the party started with these six innovative recipes.

Consumers also increasingly associate their emotional well-being with healthy eating, soups can be  an alternative to grab-and-go junk food that they may regret eating.

Local farm-fresh fruits and vegetables may be scarce right now, but there is plenty of winter produce on the market. These five recipes make the most of these ingredients, combining them to create healthy, comforting winter dishes.

Centerplate is scoring a menu with a Miami beat at Hard Rock Stadium.

How can a concept with a Croatian, Lebanese or Laotian menu build buzz and traffic? Consider these ideas.

As college students are leaning more towards the plant-based movement, dining halls are turning to ancient grains, like sorghum, as a healthy option.

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