A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


10 food trends that will be popular with kids in 2023

Chartwells K12 has once again released its list of the food trends that will be a hit with students in the upcoming year.


Recipe report: Quick dishes for busy cooks

This time of year is a busy one, and the 24 hours in a day may not feel like enough to tick off everything on the to-do list. Thankfully, these five recipes can be prepared in a flash.

Recipes that are heavy on comfort and light on labor were a hit with readers.

See which trends bubbled to the surface and are poised to impact menus in the coming months.

Articles on menu trends and consumer preferences rose to the top in 2022.

Cookie season is in high gear as the days tick down to the holidays. Every baker has tried-and-true favorites, but maybe this is the year to add one of these five cookie recipes to the file.

The city’s mayor is teaming up with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine to train doctors, dietitians and other healthcare workers on the benefits of plant-forward diets, stress management and more.

This is the time of year to boost your beverage game—to elevate coffee, tea, cocktails and mocktails with seasonal flavors and festive garnishes. The five recipes here will quickly get guests in the holiday spirit.

Menu items are constantly flowing out of the chain's R&D pipeline to tap into diners’ desire for variety.

The cafe at the Cura-managed operation sends out meals daily and serves as a dining hub for the community.

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