A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Recipe report: One-pot comfort foods

As chilly days continue through early March, warm and cozy comfort foods make welcome menu additions.


Plant-based proteins boost diversity on the menu

As college populations are more diverse than ever, so are dietary needs in the cafeteria. By offering plant-based options, operators can cater to all those dietary needs with one easy-to-prepare ingredient.

Iraj Fernando, senior executive chef with Southern Foodservice Management, shares fresh menu ideas that can work in many operations.

Technomic’s Global Menu Innovation report reveals food and drink trends impacting restaurant menus across the globe.

FC Dallas and Legends Hospitality roll out new menu items for MLS fans.

During the Lenten season, seafood gains popularity with operators and customers. These dishes make fresh and tasty additions to the menu.

The IHOP franchisee and Cornbread co-founder is on a mission to change the perception of soul food across the country.

Dips are a classic crowd-pleaser. These five recipes run the gamut from hot and creamy to cold and refreshing, and are sure to keep guests coming back for more.

New York City hospitals see success with making plant-based items the default choice on patient menus.

Operators need versatile K-12 meal solutions that are easy to execute and provide the flavors and brands students love, while also meeting the nutritional requirements.

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