A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Burgers from local cattle are on the school lunch menu in S.D.

A sustainable beef-to-school initiative benefits both students and the community.


Recipe report: Super Bowl specials

With football playoffs in high gear and Super Bowl parties around the corner, it’s time to plan some eats and drinks to cook up for game days. 

Los Angeles Unified School District reworked a signature item to meet federal nutrition standards.

Authenticity and innovation are driving ramen on menus, and diners are slurping it up.

About a third of consumers say they would pay more for global dishes they consider authentic.

Keep an eye on these flavors and ingredients just starting to make waves.

Are menus continuing to shrink or has the trend leveled off?

After weeks of holiday indulgence, a comforting pot of soup seems very appealing to both operators and the people they feed. 

Consumer preference for healthier beverages has made space for a drink that’s really taken off—sparkling water.

Rick Farmer and Michael Vetro focus on food that nourishes and heals.