Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
crowd shot

Keep an eye on the latest food and drink trends that emerged at Winsight’s Restaurant Directions conference


Iced tea and lemonade sales spike in the summer months as customers clamor to cool off with refreshing beverages.


The Thanksgiving classic is popping up in a variety of dishes throughout the year.


See how popular spicy, fusion and savory flavors are among certain diners.
June innovators
Restaurant operators get customer buy-in by balancing the funky with the familiar on menus.
Eric Montell lecture
Presenters at the annual Menus of Change conference shared how they’re reshaping menus.
pizza oven
Wood-fired ovens take the biggest slice of the pie.

What cold beverage flavors and styles will be refreshing customers this season?


Take a look at four bowls being served at noncommercial operations. 

vegan dining

Meatless burgers, noodle-less noodles and more are being added to the menu to meet changing consumer needs. 


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