IHOP hits the accelerator on menu innovation with chef Arthur Carl at the helm

As VP of culinary at the chain, Carl is filling menu gaps by balancing creativity with value.

Arthur Carl II joined IHOP at the end of 2022, and in just over a year, he has accelerated menu innovation and taken the 1,794-unit pancake house in new culinary directions.

Carl began by identifying gaps in the menu, quickly developing a line of indulgent Eggs Benedict and sweet and savory crepes to elevate the morning daypart. Then he leaned into lunch and dinner, introducing a collection of Ultimate Steakburgers with culinary touches, like bacon jam and Parmesan crisps. Pancake Tacos followed—an instant hit with both new and core customers.

Chef Carl

Chef Arthur Carl II

Pancakes will always be a platform for innovation at IHOP—new this year is the chain’s Pancake of the Month promotion—but Carl is going beyond pancakes to bring on-trend ingredients and chef-driven dishes to the menu.

Listen as the chef describes how he balances value, quality and innovation, talks about IHOP’s attention-getting menu and marketing tie-ins, and shares what’s next at the iconic chain.  

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