Controlling Costs

Tips to keep your budget on target

Some school districts are expanding the Community Eligibility Provision, while others are scaling back. ...


FSD Lorrie Goodfellow shares advice for other FSDs working to get their programs in the black. 

cost graphs

Developments beyond the control of operators could push up prices for equipment and some supplies.


Hurricanes, fires and cyclones will have an impact on next year's ingredient prices. Here’s what to expect for holiday food prices and, ultimately, operators’ profit...

school lunch

With the USDA’s recent mandate for schools, here’s how some operators are dealing with delinquent accounts, and the lunch shaming often tied to them.

student shame
Lunch shaming has become a hot topic among K-12 operators. Here, two districts discuss how their program has handled the dreaded discussion of unpaid meal balances.
bakery illustration

Whether or not a commissary is logical for an operation comes down to costs versus benefits. An operation should consider these factors when centralizing operations.

plate and silverware

How can you make customers feel they're getting the most for their buck? Steal these ideas from restaurant operators to engage deal hunters with your operation. 

overtime payroll timesheet
Noncommercial operators deal with the aftermath of a wage law in purgatory.
construction helmet tools

For many operators, taking the time to troubleshoot equipment issues before picking up the phone can help save on maintenance costs. Step one is to check the plug.


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