The latest foodservice management practices, food-safety news and more.

U.S. could be home to 8 million food-insecure seniors by 2050, study says

A new report from Feeding America looks at food insecurity among adults over 60.


School district begins donation program to alleviate meal debt

Austin Public Schools has started The Lunch Tray Project to help families struggling to make ends meet.

Check out how the district’s nutrition team adds variety to the menu and addresses food insecurity head on.

In this week’s episode of “Dig In,” members of the FSD staff discuss how current trends in menu, food packaging, staff engagement and more are making waves across foodservice.

The lines between channels are blurring even further as retailers try some of restaurants’ recent means to build sales.

Students will be able to customize the sweet snacks with a variety of flavors.

University of Maryland students observing Ramadan have a new option for their morning meals: takeout from the dining halls.

Throughout the week, students will participate in activities designed to encourage them to choose fresh fruits and vegetables.

Stores near institutions of higher learning are extending their hours and offering freebies to entice students.

The state is outlawing the commonly used packages, with Hawaii also contemplating a ban.

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