The latest foodservice management practices, food-safety news and more.

What new data shows about college dining

Here's how students eat—and what they want—is changing.


District hosts free farmers market over the summer

Each family that attends can receive one free bag of fresh produce.

While food waste remains a growing concern among college and university foodservice operators and students alike, plastic waste in particular outweighs even food waste when it comes to today’s concerns.

University Hospitals in Cleveland uses the store’s test kitchen to host cooking classes for patients.

Steer diners to healthy choices with lower prices.

A loyalty program has proved to be a triple threat: making money, promoting sustainability and boosting dining services’ reputation.

Most consumers who rely on foodservice operations in hospitals, schools, universities, large offices and other institutions are looking for clearly identified foods that are both healthy and fresh.

The competition was modeled after the Food Network TV series “Chopped.”

The legislation aims to simplify the local procurement process for operators.

Prime Minister Trudeau says his administration will also work with the country’s provinces to require a plastic litter cleanup by foodservice operations and other users of nonbiodegradable packaging.

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