The latest foodservice management practices, food-safety news and more.

District partners with No Child Goes Hungry to alleviate meal debt

The charity will donate $5,000 to eliminate meal debt in the district and is looking to set up a fund to help long term.


District launches employee referral incentive to fill open positions

The referring employee and the new hire will each receive $100.

The shelters can resist bullets from semi-automatic weapons.

Check out some solutions the school has implemented to improve its retail and dining operations. 

Promoted with the slogan “Power Up With Plants,” this new initiative is designed to empower patients to live healthier.

Here's how Erie Public Schools is working to take its program to the next level.

Starting next week, students will be served scaled-down meals to "conserve food and funding."

College campuses continue to grapple with addressing food insecurity.

The university and vendor Bon Appetit are offering a family-style dinner on Tuesday.

The district says it will still serve meals to students as planned whether the strike happens or not.