FSD’s Culinary Council chefs dish on their latest menu innovations

Chefs in every segment have been busy cooking up new offerings this year.


New law requires Illinois schools to offer a plant-based lunch alternative to students

School nutrition programs must provide a plant-based option when requested, starting in 2023.

The options would be offered to students at no additional cost, and schools would be required to provide them during every meal and snack served in the cafeteria.

These five eco-friendly recipes pay tribute to Earth Month without putting a strain on the kitchen.

The company is working with the Humane Society to help meet its goal of having 42% of menu items on campus be plant-based by 2025.

New data shows that higher meat prices and supply chain snarls are pushing consumers toward plant-based products.

The Lenten season officially begins on March 2, a time when the observant traditionally give up meat. Seafood specials and vegetarian dishes typically take center stage during Lent, but now that plant-based meat analogues are more plentiful and accessible, these can round out meatless menus.

Innovation is the name of the game at senior-living community Salmon at Medway.

The foodservice management company teamed up with actor and TV personality Terrence J shortly before the pandemic.

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