6 surprising plant-based products worth trying at this year's National Restaurant Association Show

A variety of plant-based trends emerged at the National Restaurant Association Show this year. Here's a look at some of the stand-out products.


Southwest Foodservice Excellence's recipe-driven, plant-based trial reduces carbon emissions significantly

With the help of the Humane Society of the United States, the foodservice provider conducted a 4-week trial of plant-based meals.

The newly expanded program is a weekly plant-based menu offering that avoids the nine major allergens.

The Humane Society of the United States recently released its annual report ranking foodservice management companies’ protein sustainability efforts.

Going beyond typical plant-forward recipes, R&D Chef Sarah Bodner introduces new ideas that can be replicated all year, not just at special Earth Day events.

Earth Day 2024 is quickly approaching. Here’s a look at how the on-site industry is celebrating.

For operators looking to expand the plant-based menu options, choosing versatile products that can be used in familiar dishes is the winning choice.

During the first full calendar year of the health system’s plant-based meals program, it saw a 36% reduction in carbon emissions and a cost savings of 59 cents per meal.

The foodservice provider’s DefaultVeg initiative is launching at nearly 400 college campuses.

The university has set a goal to have 30% of its meals be plant-based in both residential and retail operations by 2026.

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