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The state of C&U foodservice: Modern makeovers

Technology and shifting consumer preferences are bringing big changes to the front and back of house.


California's school nutrition programs must buy domestic products under new law

The Buy American Food Act (BAFA) will go into effect starting in 2024 and require schools to purchase American-made food.

Some of chefs’ favorite ingredients are threatened by drought and other forces of nature, but there’s still time to take action.

Aramark is piloting use of the Cool Food Meals badge at 15 Canadian universities this semester. Through the pilot, the Cool Food Meals badge, which identifies menu options with a lower carbon foot...

That higher hourly pay level has become the norm in online job searches, according to an analysis by Indeed.

College dining teams can play a major role in helping students feel connected, the report says.

The Jamba by Blendid kiosk comes to its third college campus.

Chef2Home by Metz offers patients and others the option to have meals delivered to their homes.

A crop failure in Mexico has created the latest supply crisis for chefs and hot sauce-seeking customers.

Students in the state who qualify for reduced-price meals can receive free ones this school year.

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