Loyalty program motivates Menno Haven residents to live a healthier lifestyle

Cura Hospitality’s BeWell Nutrition for the Active Adult offers rewards for physical activity.
Menno Haven pool
Swimming in Menno Haven's pool is one of the sponsored activities. | Photos courtesy of Menno Haven Retirement Communities.

More than 250 residents at Menno Haven Retirement Communities of Chambersburg, Pa., are frequently spotted in the fitness center, swimming pool and yoga class, thanks to a loyalty rewards program from Cura Hospitality, the communities’ foodservice provider.

BeWell’s Nutrition for the Active Adult, which was revived in January, rewards residents with a complimentary BeWell healthier food item at the onsite About Thyme Cafe when they exercise or take part in wellness-focused activities (even ping-pong counts!).

The “reward” foods are identified by a blueberry logo.

“We love the BeWell program, but I call it the Blueberry program,” said resident Margaret Greenblatt. “I say to my friend, ‘I’m using my blueberry card.’ The program motivates us to exercise and reminds us to eat well … and take care of ourselves.”

The program is easy to execute and follow. After taking part in one of Menno Haven’s sponsored activities, Cura managers or members of the communities’ wellness team will punch or stamp residents’ loyalty cards. After the card is stamped 10 times, the resident can select from a menu of free food items, including smoothies, granola and breakfast bars, organic superfoods, crackers, fresh fruit, yogurt and salads.

Menno Haven's yoga classes earn residents loyalty rewards.

The motivation to participate is contagious. “We find we talk more about the program while exercising,” said Michael Greenblatt, Margaret’s husband. “These are our exercise buddies, so some already know about BeWell, but we talk about the food items we’re able to get with our cards. That seems to be the motivation, and we share a lot of information about the program and the benefits.”

Michael Greenblatt stays active by swimming in the pool and playing ping pong.

According to Jeremy Fry, Cura Hospitality’s executive director of culinary services at Menno Haven, participation has nearly doubled from when the program was initiated at the beginning of 2023. “We started with 150 punch cards, and now had to reorder 200 more,” he said.

As part of the BeWell certification, Menno Haven follows WELL nourishment standards, which include food made from scratch to optimize health and nutrition, and operating procedures and service levels that enhance the dining experience. Cura also makes nutrition information more accessible through frequent culinary demonstrations where dietitians team up with chefs and wellness teams to promote healthier lifestyles.



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