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Marketing healthy choices to young diners

Metz Culinary Management is expanding student palates with some strategic fun.


How to expand health-halo offerings while staying on-trend

College students are more in tune than ever with health, sustainability and culinary trends, and they want high-quality food from operations that can back up their claims.

The comfort-food concept will come to more than 750 colleges, healthcare and business-and-industry sites.

As diners increasingly look for sustainable or plant-based options on menus, operators find inspiration in plant-based options.

Waltham Public Schools is using local partnerships to create community.

The American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics say hospitals and medical centers could change social norms by showcasing how they lead consumers to healthier beverages.

The versatility of soup offers a variety of ways that operators can meet the needs of both guests and patients.

Experimenting with roasted vegetables is one way to meet students’ demand for plant-based meals.

Using real ingredients to build meals students love satisfies everyone, from parents to new college students and even operators.

There’s still plenty of time in March to promote healthy eating and connect with customers all month long.

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