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FDA issues warning about tuna

Nearly 50 people have been sickened by yellowfin from a Vietnamese supplier.


Senior living facility adds hydroponic garden

The farm is located inside its dining facility and grows a variety of herbs and produce.

A new bistro serves up hope—and cancer-fighting fare.

The district is using the program to teach young students proper nutrition, table manners and more.

See how Houston Independent School District implemented family-style dining to teach its youngest students proper nutrition, table manners and more.

Halting sales of the beverages led to weight loss, according to the findings.

The meals are a part of her education plan, which would be funded through her proposed wealth tax.

Parkview Health in Fort Wayne, Ind., will work with at least five nearby school districts to create an in-depth farm-to-school plan.

ProMedica Toledo Hospital marked the opening of its new cafe and kitchen with a weeklong celebration.

As for the difference in growth, that could be thanks to noncommercial foodservice facilities serving people in a more utilitarian sense, rather than an indulgent sense—that is, customers patronizing a hospital cafeteria may be interested in different types of foods than, say, a couple going out for date night at a hot new restaurant in town. But whatever the reason, the facts are that ancient grains have staked their place on noncommercial menus—and operators are working hard to add more dishes featuring them.

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