Steal This Idea

Gain inspiration from your colleagues by "stealing" their ideas.
Steal This Idea

Steal this idea: ID potential hires

A hospital FSD hands out business cards when experiencing good customer service.

Steal This Idea

Steal this idea: Power in partnerships

Meet with operators in your area to talk about teaming up.

Offer a take-home meal option for students and staff.

Operators are full of smart ideas that cover everything from cutting waste to retaining staff. Read on for 20 steal-worthy ideas submitted to FSD so far this year.

This C&U operation uses the leftovers for doughnuts.

Introduce exchange students to American cuisine through a tasting event.

Feature a chef’s favorite dish as an option at their dining location.

Convert outside space into a display garden.

Encourage student employees to begin work before the semester starts.

A school district makes healthy items more appealing by adding a pop of color.

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